IRIS World 2017

Future-Proof Your Practice

Join us at the UK’s largest free annual conference for accountancy practices. Discover effective strategies and tools to increase competitive edge, evolve practice services and grow your business in a digital landscape.

Why you should attend


The latest IRIS innovations and product releases driving digital transformation including our mobile receipt app, IRIS Snap


The latest accountancy advancements and discover how you can embark on your own digital journey


Understand the impact on your practice, plan your approach to GDPR compliance.


Network with your industry peers and enjoy IRIS hospitality.

Where and when

Tuesday 20th September

Twickenham Stadium, London

Where and when

IRIS World 2017 - Twickenham


Twickenham Stadium London, TW2 7BA

Where and when

IRIS World Roadshows - Glasgow


Tuesday 21st November

Haydock Park, Merseyside, WA12 0HQ

Wednesday 22nd November

Gateshead, Newcastle, NE11 9XF

Tuesday 28th November

Celtic Manor, Wales, NP18 1HQ

Wednesday 29th November

Sandy Park, Exeter, EX2 7NN

Wednesday 29th November

Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT1 3LP

Thursday 7th December

Southampton, SO30 3XH

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Kevin Whitehouse, Prime Entry


Alan Matthews, Dun & Bradstreet


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What you can expect on the day


Network with other attendees over a hot drink before the session begins.

IRIS Spotlight
40 minutes
09.30 - 10:10
A word from our Strategic Lead – IRIS Directors, Gareth Charles and Peter Walker introduce the day by sharing insight into how IRIS will continue to drive the accountancy market and deliver for UK accountants.
The Future of Accountancy
30 minutes
10:10- 10:40
A view of the next 5 years – We share our vision of what the future holds for the accountancy industry with insight into how legislation, accountants, clients and technology will all be placed in a fast-forward economy.
Under the ‘Data Spotlight’
20 minutes
10:40 - 11:00
GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018. Understand the impact on your practice, plan your approach to GDPR compliance and roll out procedures to ensure compliance with the regulation.
15 minutes
11.00 - 11:15
Help yourself to refreshments and network with industry colleagues.
Future-Proof your Practice
75 minutes
11:15 - 12:30
Accelerating Your Digital Journey – Everything is becoming digital and that includes your practice. We’ll show you how we’re embracing these changes, innovating with our products and delivering new functionality to future-proof your practice through our unique end-to-end digital journey for accountancy practices – from first client touch to final submission to HMRC and Companies House.


Choose one informative workshop from each group of sessions

Session One 15:15-16:00


Digital Practice Playbook

Accountants have been given a unique opportunity in the midst of the Making Tax Digital (MTD) delay to prepare for the extended digital mandate. During this time, it’s imperative that practices embrace digital, so when the mandate arrives, they are prepared for the significant increase to their workloads. See how IRIS CRM, IRIS Docs and IRIS Resourcing can drive efficiencies across your practice.


Expanding Client Services

As compliance becomes increasingly commoditised, practices need to focus on new revenue streams to supplement existing compliance streams. IRIS has a range of online HR and Payroll solutions that can help your clients cross the digital divide, realise significant productivity gains and free their time to focus on their business - not administration - whilst driving your practice’s bottom line.


Latest Compliance Updates

The volume of annual legislative change is constantly increasing. Hear from our legislative experts on all the latest compliance changes from FRS, MTD and AML, so you and your practice are up to date and prepared for the new legislative policies.

Session Two 16:15-17:00


IRIS Trainers Top Tips

Are you making the most of your IRIS software? Join the IRIS Training Team to understand how the recent enhancements delivered by IRIS support compliance, make your practice more efficient and smooth your workflows.


Digital Client Playbook

Whilst the MTD mandate may have been delayed, it is in your interest to use this time to get your clients’ digitally enabled. Online bookkeeping, forecasting software and file sharing solutions have the potential to redefine your relationship with your clients and play a pivotal role along your digital journey. See how our range of online solutions allow you to focus on developing new services, offering greater insights and building stronger, closer relationships with your clients.


Under the ‘Data Spotlight’; GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) builds on the current Data Protection Act (DPA) however, there are new elements and significant enhancements. This workshop helps you understand the impact on your organisation, plan your approach to GDPR compliance and roll out procedures to ensure compliance with the regulation.

Session Three


Brand Power through
Online Presence

Stand out from the crowd. Put your brand in front of your customers at every touchpoint & discover how IRIS can power a positive perception of your firm.


Inside Digital Documentation

We look at the simple steps you can take to become a paperless practice and the myriad benefits of being a digital practice both inside and out.


Empowering Your Clients

We explore the benefits of a modern digital accounting package for your clients and look at how it can directly strengthen client-accountant relationships.

Meet our speakers


Deputy Director HMRC Digital Service
Chief Digital & Information Officer
IRIS Accountancy Solutions
Chief Evangelist
IRIS Accountancy Solutions


Indigo Tax
Farnell Clarke
STP Accounts
Prime Entry
Stewart Accounting Services
Ingham and Co


Technical Manager IT Faculty
Head of Tax Faculty
Technical Consultant and Practitioner
Director of Digital
Companies House
Deputy Director
Director, Making Tax Digital for Business Programme


IRIS Accountancy Solutions
Product Director
IRIS Accountancy Solutions
Product Director
IRIS Accountancy Solutions

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