Are your Payroll Practices ‘Future-Proof’ or a ‘Single point of Failure’ for your organisation?

About this webinar:

Over the past 18 months our payroll teams have been faced with many challenges. The introduction of furlough, remote working, staff shortages, legislation and compliance changes to name just a few. In the turmoil of change and uncertainty how did your teams respond? How confident are you that your payroll practices are ‘future-proof’ and not a ‘single point of failure’ for your organisation.

Caroline Gammon, IRIS HCM Market Specialist, and guest speaker Dianne Hoodless, Board member of CIPP, discuss the implications of the current challenges and how best payroll teams can build greater resilience.

We will explore in detail;

➼ Current challenges

➼ Autumn Budget announcement

➼ Recognising if payroll is a single-point-of-failiure

➼ Supercharge your payroll practices to build resilience

Caroline Gammon

HCM Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Dianne Hoodless

EMEA Payroll Manager, Howden Group Services and Board of Director CIPP


Claire Treadwell

Product Director, IRIS Software Group


Tracy Mack

Content Designer, IRIS Software Group

Andrew Hambly

Head of Development, IRIS Software Group

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