Accountants: Unlock the secret to becoming a Payroll Powerhouse

About this webinar:

Payroll is the key to a happy client.

But if it’s not what your practice focuses on, how do you handle this growing demand?

Our FREE webinar will help you find the right solution for YOUR accountancy practice. It will discuss how you can add value for clients and make more money in the process.

It will be hosted by IRIS Software Group’s Fran Williams, Product Director, and Bev Flanagan, Senior Market Specialist.

Using decades of experience, they will take you on a tour of four fantastic possibilities:

  ➼ Reselling: can you make money passing on the burden of payroll?
  ➼ Leading-edge software: can you tackle this tricky task with sophisticated applications?
  ➼ Payroll outsourcing: can you add extra staff to your team without any drawbacks?
  ➼ Managed payroll: is a white-label solution that takes all payroll obligations off your hands the way forward?

With the right resources, you will be able to make the most out of the next financial year.

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Fran Williams

Product Director, IRIS Software Group

Bev Flanagan

Senior Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group


Samantha Tennakoon

External Stakeholder Engagement, HMRC Making Tax Digital Programme


Gillian O'Dea CA

Director, J H Greenwood and Company

Eva Mrazikova (Moderator)

Accountancy Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

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