Expand Your Client Relationships by Offering Them Fully Cloud Based HR Software

About this webinar:

Accountancy firms - Is this the time to think about additional income streams?

So you made it, you are running your accountancy firm. Is your business like no other? You could think so, but not really. The aim of your business is to maximise profit. And there are more ways than one to do this.

The foundation to your clients is to support their businesses by fulfilling their compliance and advisory needs. But what if you could earn your own practice additional income by re-selling top class HR software to your clients as well?

Almost every business is in need of Payroll and HR. What if you could deepen your client relationships by offering them fully cloud based HR software and add another string to your bow at the same time?

We will discuss how IRIS can help you to support your clients without doing a lot of heavy lifting yourself. Call it a “passive income”.

Our panel of experts will explore the options that are available to you as our Partner.

Eva Mrazikova

Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Amy Spillard

Strategic Partnership Manager, IRIS Software Group


Nick Fletcher

Head of Accountancy, IRIS Software Group


Manjinder Devgon

Subject Matter Expert, IRIS Software Group

Eva Mrazikova (Moderator)

Accountancy Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

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