Summon the power of IRIS Elements AML to tackle AML nightmares this Halloween!

About this webinar:

Join our spooky experts as we delve into the mysterious world of IRIS and how it can help you ward off the dark forces of Anti Money Laundering! From bewitching Compliance Guidance on Policies & Procedures to conducting Firm-Wide Risk Assessments that will send shivers down your spine, we also explore the enchanting realm of KYC (Knowing Your Clients) and offer optional ID checks to ensure your clients aren't lurking in the shadows, waiting to cast sinister spells.

But that's not all! We also reveal how Elements AML, our mystical solution, is conjured up in the Cloud, where it's safe from any sinister curses. Join us for this spellbinding webinar, complete with a spine-tingling demo of the Elements AML package that will leave you under its spell!


  • Why AML is important
  • Consequences of not doing it
  • Brief intro to AML
  • Synchronisation between IAS & Elements AML
  • Firm Wide Risk Assessment & Policies & Procedures
  • Uploading documents to support AML
  • Risk Assessments & KYC
  • Enhanced ID checking (including batch checks)
  • Reminders to reassess clients


Mark Elley

Pre-Sales Consultant, IRIS Software Group

Steve Murray

Pre-Sales Consultant, IRIS Software Group


Samantha Tennakoon

External Stakeholder Engagement, HMRC Making Tax Digital Programme


Gillian O'Dea CA

Director, J H Greenwood and Company

Eva Mrazikova (Moderator)

Accountancy Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

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