Lunch and Learn: Attracting the right talent - Crafting the perfect job advertisement

About this webinar:

In today’s fiercely competitive job market, the quest to attract and hire top talent is more challenging and crucial than ever. The foundation of a successful recruitment strategy begins long before the interview process—it starts with your job advertisement.

Grab your favourite lunch and settle in for an engaging workshop where you'll master the art behind crafting the perfect job advertisements and how to create ads that not only stand out but also speak directly to your ideal candidate.

We will explore the primary challenges currently faced in recruitment:

Job titles: The power of first impressions and the importance of clarity.
Salary & benefits: Navigating this delicate topic to attract potential candidates without compromising negotiation flexibility.
 Location: How to present location in a way that appeals to candidates, considering the growing preference for remote and flexible working arrangements.
 Working hours & flexibility: Balancing the presentation of work-life balance opportunities to attract a broader range of applicants

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your recruitment strategy by mastering the art of the job advertisement.

Get access to the recording today and take the first step toward attracting the right talent to your organisation.

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Becky Crossley

Client Talent Acquisition Manager, IRIS Software Group

Tash Stewart

Client Talent Acquisition Team Lead, IRIS Software Group


Aimee Atkinson

Client Talent Acquisition Team Advisor, IRIS Software Group


Claire Smith

Client Talent Acquisition Team Advisor, IRIS Software Group

Stephanie Renton

Client Talent Acquisition Team Advisor, IRIS Software Group

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