The School of Thought Series: Lesson Three

“Promoting and Maintaining a Healthy Education Workforce”

The final instalment of ‘The School of Thought’ series

‘Promoting and Maintaining a Healthy Education Workforce’ is the last in our School of Thought Series. Launched in Mental Health Awareness Week, the series has brought senior leaders, teachers, and support staff together to talk about ways of promoting improved wellbeing, and to collectively rethink how we approach mental health in schools.

About this webinar:

With almost 80% of school staff reporting mental health issues at work, it’s time to address the issue and provide school staff with the support they need to excel in all facets of their lives.

During this webinar, we switch the focus to staff wellbeing, providing expert advice, and sharing best practice approaches to tackling workload, reducing stress, and promoting and maintaining a healthy education workforce.

Joined by a panel of experts, you can expect to hear insights into the Mental Health Foundation’s peer education project and the benefits being delivered to both staff and students in schools.

You’ll also learn how Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust is taking a pro-active approach to supporting staff, with the Head of HR sharing a range of strategies that have made a demonstrable impact to staff and students alike.

Finally, we explore real-life examples of staff wellbeing issues and solutions, courtesy of Every HR.

The webinar wraps up with top tips from each speaker, offering attendees practical takeaways ahead of the next academic year.

Who is on the panel?

  • Sophie Peterman, Mental Health Foundation – discusses the Peer Education Project, which aims to improve mental wellbeing across a school by giving school staff and pupils the knowledge they need to safeguard their mental health.
  • Laura Lowe, Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust – discusses the strategies that have been implemented across her multi-academy trust to improve mental health and wellbeing of all staff.
  • Matt Brown, Every HR – we provide real-life examples of instances regarding staff wellbeing in schools and the solutions to help overcome these issues.
  • Tom Kershaw, IRIS Education – hosts this session.

Ian Gargan

Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Director, Imagine Health

Tom Kershaw

Education Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Sophie Peterman

Project Coordinator, Mental Health Foundation

Laura Lowe

Head of HR, Lincoln Anglican Academy Trust

Matt Brown

HR Sales Manager, Every HR by IRIS

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