MTD: Live in Action

About this webinar:

MTD - How can IRIS Software help you to prepare?

MTD, Client Segmentation, Digital Onboarding - just some of the "buzzwords" currently being used in accountancy profession. But what are the real dos and don'ts of MTD? What information do you already have within your existing data that you can multipurpose? Do you know how to get the best out of the software to help you with MTD?

Watch our webinar to get answers on all your burning MTD questions, along with how easy MTD can be with IRIS!

Steve Murray

Product Specialist, IRIS Software Group

Eva Mrazikova

Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group


Jenny Strudwick

Product Director, IRIS Software Group


Gillian O'Dea CA

Director, J H Greenwood and Company

Eva Mrazikova (Moderator)

Accountancy Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

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