Adapting to the new reality: Are you ready to reset, reorganise, and be resilient? 

About this webinar:

We’re inviting you to join us for a short webinar to look at thriving despite difficult conditions.

What you'll learn:

  • The short-term: is your work environment compliant with the new COVID-secure rules? Can you send staff back to work? How to do you overcome a back log of work?
  • Medium term: how to re-organise: is your practice capable of coping with this again? As we‘ve recently seen in Leicester, localised lockdowns are the next consideration. You need to be flexible and ready – that means the ability to work remotely when required.
  • Long term: this is perhaps the time to think, work, and operate differently.


Andrew Love

Pre-Sales Team Leader, IRIS Software Group

Andrew has been at IRIS for 7 years; he's been helping accountants understand how to make the most out of the IRIS Accountancy Suite compliance and productivity modules.

Nicola Reed

Pre-Sales Team Leader; IRIS Software Group

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry Nicola has a vast knowledge of compliance and accountancy software and consultancy. She is an expert in the IRIS Accountancy Suite of products and has worked with many UK practices on productivity.

Rebecca Heywood

IRIS Outsourcing Consultant, IRIS Software Group

Rebecca has been with IRIS for 7 years and is our expert on outsourcing with our IRIS Resourcing team based in Chennai. Rebecca helps practices understand where an injection of additional resource can take their practice efficiencies to the next level.

John Smith

Marketing Manager, IRIS Software Group

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