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Episode 3: Powerful trust-wide and school reporting

About this episode:

Hours spent in numerous spreadsheets, trying to analyse data that will be out of date, before you’ve even finished collecting it. Sound familiar?

Schools have no shortage of data. But presenting it in a meaningful way that you and other stakeholders can use is another matter.

If you are a school or trust leader who is looking to unlock the power of real-time data, to make informed decisions to run your trust more effectively, then watch our 5-minute video.

Nicholas Clark

Senior Product Manager (Ed:gen), IRIS Software Group

Tom Kershaw

Education Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group


Andrew Finck

Pre-Sales Consultant (Education), IRIS Software Group


Gillian O'Dea CA

Director, J H Greenwood and Company

Eva Mrazikova (Moderator)

Accountancy Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

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