The School of Thought Series: Lesson One

“Promoting Positive Student Wellbeing During Exam Season”

Introducing The School of Thought Series

“Promoting positive student wellbeing during exam season” is the first lesson in our School of Thought Series. Launching in Mental Health Awareness Week and continuing throughout May, our upcoming series of three webinars is designed to bring senior leaders, teachers, and support staff together to put wellness first, and to collectively rethink how we approach mental health in schools. Why? Because when we think, teach, and lead well, they learn well.

About this webinar:

Figures show that one in six children aged 6 - 16 years had a probable mental health condition in 2021, and with the upcoming exam season fast approaching, it’s clear that student wellbeing must remain under the magnifying glass.

Exams can trigger a spike in anxiety levels amongst children and young people that can be managed more simply when you know the signs to look out for and how to approach them. But what does this involve?

Watch our “Promoting positive student wellbeing during exam season” webinar with Tom Kershaw, our very own Education Market Specialist; and Ian Gargan, Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director at Imagine Health.

We discuss the stress that impacts students during exam season, the importance of adopting a unified approach with parents, and key takeaways to empower you to promote positive wellbeing throughout the exam period. Topics include:

 ➼ Common themes in student development

 ➼ How to communicate with, and engage parents in promoting positive wellbeing during exam season

 ➼ Which forms of stress can be productive and counterproductive

 ➼ The importance of social connections throughout exam season

 ➼ Key tips and resources that schools can share with students to reduce their stress levels – from the importance of exercise and diet to good sleep hygiene

 ➼ How teachers can proactively promote positive wellbeing and become role models.

Hosted by:

Ian Gargan

Chief Medical Officer and Clinical Director, Imagine Health

Tom Kershaw

Education Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group


Andrew Finck

Pre-Sales Consultant (Education), IRIS Software Group


Gillian O'Dea CA

Director, J H Greenwood and Company

Eva Mrazikova (Moderator)

Accountancy Market Specialist, IRIS Software Group

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