Trust Quality: What does it mean,
and how can it be proven?



Trying to benchmark and measure ‘quality’ is currently a hot topic in the trust sector. From the DfE’s Trust Quality Descriptions to the CST’s Assurance Framework, there is a push to create recognised standards that can be used to identify high performing trusts and drive improvement in the sector.

This can only be beneficial for student outcomes, but what does this mean for growing trusts, and what are the practical implications?

For our next Trust Leaders’ Collective fireside chat, we'll be discussing these implications. Focussing on the operational side of things, we’ll cover the different themes, what they mean in practice and how trusts might provide evidence of meeting the standards.

Leora Cruddas CBE

Chief Executive, Confederation of School Trusts

Stuart Gardner

Chief Executive Officer, Thinking Schools Academy Trust

Jeff Marshall

Managing Director, J&G Marshall Ltd

Tom Kershaw

Senior Market Specialist, IRIS Education 

John Smith

Marketing Manager, IRIS Software Group

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